Decorative Holographic Films

Decorative Holographic Films

India's Largest Manufacturer of Decorative Holographic Films* (finished product).

Decorative Holographic Films
provides an attractive appearance to the packaged materials. Our custom decorative holographic films available in industrial range.

*We do not supply the basic raw material  

Destructible Vinyl with Holograms

India's Largest Manufacturer of Destructible Vinyl with Holograms * (finished product).

Destructive vinyl is a specialized form of tamper-proof paper that can't be removed from attached surfaces. It ensures complete security of packaged products.

*We do not supply the basic raw material

Holographic Products

India's Largest Manufacturer of Holographic Products* (finished product).

Globally, pharmaceutical industry focuses primarily on secure packaging and product authentication. As per the needs of the companies, we provide holographic solutions for the pharmaceutical companies.

Other Details:

  • Printed labels with holograms
  • Holographic pouches
  • Custom-designed holograms

*We do not supply the basic raw material 
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